Cloudburst 11


rh_blog_cloudburst_11Cloudburst is our weekly eclectic collection of everything that’s caught our eye online. Here’s what we’ve been watching, listening, reading, dreaming and talking about at Rabbit & Hare this week.

This week we’ve been reading
WIRED – How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read
Medium – Reactions Feedback
New Yorker – Actually, People still like to think
The Atlantic – How Social Media Turned Against Women
Fast Co. Design – Google Is Inventing Screens That Snap Together Like Lego
The Gate – Failure to communicate
WIRED – Gorgeous new VR Game from the makers of Monument Valley

This week we’ve been browsing
Sin Serif by Paul Felton
Ultimate 75th MARVEL
Cool 360-Degree Little Planet Panoramas of Rocket Launches
128 years of Coca Hola history in 2 minutes
Fly Nixie (We want one)
Danny Yount

This week we’ve been watching

This week we’ve been listening to
More of the same from Royal Blood, Grace Jones, Underworld (amazing set and mix on Radio 6 Music) London Grammar, Jurassic 5, Mogwai, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Elbow, Interpol, Robert Plant, Pixies to name a few and the ever present Radio 6 Music.

Quote of the week
“Don’t be afraid to be you”

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