Cloudburst 12


rh_blog_cloudburst_12Cloudburst is our weekly eclectic collection of everything that’s caught our eye online. Here’s what we’ve been watching, listening, reading, dreaming and talking about at Rabbit & Hare this week.

This week we’ve been reading
Quartz – Elon Musk’s a straight shooter, and that’s why investors love him
Alistapart – Responsive Images in Practice
Digiday – Is this man the most talented creative in America?
Mashable – You can smell the world at London Heathrow Airport’s new attraction
Adage – Why Growth Is Killing Digital Agencies
Design Week – Do you think the development of new technologies helps or hinders our imagination?
Guardian – Rembrandt’s lessons for the selfie era: why we must learn to look again

This week we’ve been browsing
The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos
This is the future of Photoshop and it feels like magic
RCA 50 Years of Graphic Design
Google – Material Design
A Cubic Rubber Band That You’ll Never Want to Throw Away

This week we’ve been watching

This week we’ve been listening to
Music inspiration from the brilliant Sonic Highways series that has been playing on BBC4 and iPlayer. I would recommend anyone to watch all episodes.

Quote of the week
“If you’re not worried, scared or shitting it a little bit, your probably not working hard enough – Samual Ball M&C Saatchi”
Samual Ball M&C Saatchi @samuelball

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