Cloudburst 19


Cloudburst 19
Cloudburst 19 is our weekly eclectic collection of everything that’s caught our eye online. Here’s what we’ve been watching, listening, reading, dreaming and talking about at Rabbit & Hare this week.

This week we’ve been reading
The Atlantic – Why I Am Not a Maker
Gov UK – Exploring the Internet of Things
CBS – Internet of Things poses consumer risks
Stratechery – Blogging’s bright future
Johnson Banks – Dazzled with logos?
WIRED – Bloomberg’s Loud Redesign Heralds the Future of Web News
Adobe – Playful Invention
CNN – Could a robot have written this story? The rise of the Robo-journalist
Medium – Why Did Everybody Do the Harlem Shake?

This week we’ve been browsing
Way to Go
Cone. The thinking music player
Drive Drive Drive
Bloomberg (re-design)
What the fuck is my wearable strategy

This week we’ve been watching

This week we’ve been listening to
An eclectic mix that unfortunately we didn’t keep track of as we’ve been pretty busy. We’ll try harder for next week. Promise.

Quote of the week
“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” – Thomas A. Edison

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