Cloudburst 27

Rabbit & Hare Cloudburst 27

Rabbit & Hare Cloudburst 27

Hello and welcome to the Rabbit & Hare blog, this is Cloudburst 27.

I’m currently in the process of reviewing the role of the Cloudburst blog, both how we use it internally and how it represents Rabbit & Hare to an external audience (you).

Couldburst has become an invaluable resource for us and has helped us through many pitches, meetings and innovation workshops. I want it to be much more than a set of interesting links though. I want it to give a insight into the culture of Rabbit & Hare, how we work and play, what influences us, document the events we visit and the environment that surrounds us.

So expect a number of changes this year as we work hard to improve the content and structure.

This week we’ve been reading
PI.CO – A conversation with Erik Spiekerman
Rabbit & Hare Cloudburst 27
Printmag – Chromatic Abstraction: Color as Data, Part 1
Its Nice That – London Underground’s typeface: uncovering the designs that form “London’s handwriting”
Rabbit & Hare Cloudburst 27

Doc Searls Weblog – Adblock War Series
Dave Trotts Blog – Simple, timeless, human truths
The Guardian – What Facebook’s On This Day shows about the fragility of our online lives
Wired – Harvard is trying to build an AI as fast as the human brain
Mashable – Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the search engine on your iPhone

I tend to dismiss many of the the new year future trends blogs and articles as they rarely give an insight into anything new. I’ve been working in this industry for a long time now , I’ve lost count of the amount of false predictions or ‘what the next big thing will be’ articles I’ve read.

At the same time you can’t be foolish enough to think you’ve got a grasp on were things are moving. Our industry moves at an incredible speed, simply keeping up with the latest advancements and innovations is becoming a full time job.

So after what seems like many years in the digital wilderness VR (Virtual Reality) is back on the scene and now appears ready to make a credible comeback. We now have the technology and devices to make dreams come true and to reach more of a mass audience. It will be interesting to track the developments of VR in 2016. Here’s some of the more informative articles we’ve found.
Rabbit & Hare Cloudburst 27
MIT Technology Review – Four Important Things to Expect in Virtual Reality in 2016
The Guardian – Will 2016 be the year virtual reality gaming takes off?
BBC – 2016: the year when VR goes from virtual to reality
Little Black Book – Camera, Content, Consumption: A Look at VR from CES 2016
Financial Times – Apple hires leading virtual reality researcher
Fast Co Design – Samsung Is Opening A Production Studio Just For VR
S1T2 – 7 Most Creative Executions of Virtual Reality
Engadget – The ‘Monument Valley’ team has created a dream of a VR game

This week we’ve been browsing
Lucky Chip Burgers – We couldn’t help ourselves, who doesn’t love a good burger?
VOID II – A playground to experiment with new visual and sonic concepts and technology
Lands End Game – another visually beautiful game by the talented folks at ustwo

This week we’ve been watching

This week we’ve been listening to
A great podcast called The Design Jones that features interviews with the very best of the UK Creative industry.
This weeks episode – Dixon Baxi

Quote of the week
“My fear is my only courage” – Bob Marley

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