Compare the Market or Meerkat?


rh_blog_compare_MarketHave you seen the new Compare the Market ad? I’m pleased that they are exploring other avenues as I’m just about done with the Meerkats, but then it doesn’t mean its the end of them? I think its quite a clever transition. I read this article on ‘The Drum‘ which as it say’s ‘…. he’s determined to ensure there’s no confusion as his meerkat counterpart…’ Quite a few people seemed to have missed the point when you read the comments on the article.

I’m just waiting to see what happens with GoCompare’s Gio Compario, perhaps they’ll go for an old school Nescafe ad, the ‘will he – wont he’ love of his life protection angle?

Perhaps we should follow ‘Davec73819’s’ advice…”Listen to u lot moaning about the new advert. It’s just an advert. Get a life”

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