Project Maud – Week 3


The discovery of rotten wood has meant we need to take the caravan right down to the base. On the face of it a fairly simple job but not if you intend to keep and reuse much of the aluminium. Pretty much every screw is rusted and proving impossible to remove. The difficult part will be retaining the shape of the ends and not creasing the aluminium as its removed.

Sprint plan:
– Remove remaining internal walls
– Remove all windows
– Remove external aluminium trim
– Remove front gas bottle box
– Remove roof

Design planning
– Keep the original profile of the caravan
– Change the full height
– Change the width
– Make the door wider
– Swap the door to opposite side
– Include space for 3 larger windows
– Consider how we will deal with the roof profile

Whats happening next week?
Next week will see us start to build all the framing, get the profile in place and insulate.

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