Project Maud – Week 4


Now the floor has been fully cleaned we can start on creating some strength in the base. The old frame was much thinner so we will be putting together a much stronger frame on the base. New timber has been added to the front and rear along with new bracing on the side which will enable us to take the frame around the wheels rather than the over them, this also means we are able to overlap the lower studs on the existing floor for stability. We want to turn the caravan around to get the tow hitch in a better position, moving the door also allows for this.

Sprint plan:
– Strengthen base
– Build rear wall
– Create the profiles on the ends and roof line
– Build the front wall, position the door and windows
– Add the roof timber linking each wall
– End timbers with single window
– Add rear wall insulation
– Add roof ply

The frame started on the rear wall purely for ease; there will be windows on the front and side which will be fairly quick to fit as we found a simplified option that look great and provide better insulation. When the first section fitted was we used part of the original quarters to see how we might incorporate the profile of the original caravan. We also took the original roof ridge and positioned it onto the frame to create guidelines to flow onto the quarter panel profile. These profiles are traced from the original piece and stretched to match the new height, this was done by lengthening the straightest line.

Whats happening next week?
More insulation, vapour barrier,  and windows.

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