Project Maud – Week 5


Things are progressing well and we’ve managed to get most of the insulation in, this was a little tricky cutting with the hand saw. In the end we opted for the table saw as the cuts are more precise. The reason we need the insulation to be so tight is to avoid cold spots on the walls during the winter months. Once in place we put a bead of builders silicon around for an airtight seal. The old floor already had a 10mm insulation so this was left to save on costs.

Sprint plan:
– Finish insulation on all walls and roof
– Cover the frame in waterproof breathable membrane
– Fit the windows
– Add wood curvatures`
– Trim old aluminium (new nibbler tool above)

Before we started the end placing the end insulation we decided to get the membrane on the roof to stop any water damage. This also meant we could the walls finished and see if our calculations are correct on the window casing opening.

The windows are actually a conservation roof window, not technically meant for the vertical position but should any water go behind, the membrane will prevent water from touching the frame. We have also had to tweak some of the steel surround on the casings as they provided a little too much for our needs. The units themselves are top hinged, bottom opened and double glazed.

Here you can see where we are creating the curvatures on the end to help with the shaping of the aluminium. This was prevents the shape front denting should something hit it.

Thanks to BigSoda for the help this week.

Whats happening next week?
Tape all the seams on the membrane, put on the roof and start placing the old aluminium onto the frame.

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