Project Maud – Week 6

Maud week 6

The team have been busy striping all the remaining aluminium from the frame, we should has expected have enough, but its a thankless task! We having to spend quite a lot of time sanding the old panels as there is so much flaking and dusty paint. We are joining the seams with a mixture of rivets and sealant, this should not only stop the rain, but stop any driving winds that will create cold spots. On the rear of the caravan we have been able to match up the panels perfectly, which means we can retain some of the original textures.

Sprint plan:
– Strip all aluminium from frame
– Start rough attaching panels
– Aluminium to sides and rear
– Sand panels ready for paint
– Put the roof on

To deal with the possible creasing of the aluminium we had to roughly screw the panels in place. As the rivets are added we are having to release them to get the panels totally flat on the frame. This is likely to be more of a problem when we add the caps on the edges.

Whats happening next week?
Finish all the panelling, seal all the seams, apply etching primer, board interior ceiling and walls

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