Project Maud – Week 7

Mauds interior

We’ve decided the best option for the front wall is to use western red cedar. The reasons are obvious, its a beautiful wood that has natural rot defence, a lovely rich colour and is durable. We’ve spent lots of time finding the right supplier now and the order has been placed with South Gate Timber (

Whilst we wait for cladding we’ve focusing on sealing the rear and giving it a coat of etching primer, the final colour yet to be defined. The sealing has been put on hold until we have the cladding also but the sealing strips have been put in place.

Sprint plan:
– Exterior panelling
– Etching primer on rear
– Board interior

There was a little more insulation to do in the corners, this was a bit tricky, mainly because we had tweak the foam to fit in the space left. Although patchy it was the best way to use the off cuts we had lying around, meaning less waste to landfill.

The ceiling was next on the list, proving to be a bit tricky as the we didn’t know if the 12mm plyboard would bend to suit the profile, with some longer screws we’ve been able to pull them up into position. Following on from the ceiling the next logical job was the walls. We’ve used mostly full sheets with small off cuts, we’ll use this around the window areas. You might notice we have lots of screw holes and in some areas obvious joins in the boards, this will all be filled with car body fill. The reason for this is that its epoxy and is less likely to pop and crack.

Whats happening next week?
Start cladding the front, order the paint, finished ends on interior, add aluminium joins, Sand exterior ends and prime.

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