Project Maud – Week 8

Maud week 8 image

Hurrah Maud is getting her skin! The interior walls have been cut and fitted, There are still some decisions around the framing of the windows internally. We’re now going to focus on the external areas to get the structure 100% waterproof. Thankfully the western cedar has been delivered and we’ve started to fit, this has indeed been the best part of the project, see her really take shape.

Vertical or horizontal… The only way to fix the cladding was horizontal, the studding was the driver for this but also we felt the lines needed to flow this way. Luckily we have been able to source super long lengths so we didn’t have to create joins and potential damp spots on the surface. The recommended approach to fixing is to use a lost head stainless nail on each stud, we went for a stainless still pin head shot on an angle right on the seem. Why you ask? We’ll we didn’t want to fill or see nasty little holes. The nails being ‘Stainless’ is extremely important, if you use a steel nail after a while they’ll rust and create black streaks on the wood.

Sprint plan:
– Exterior panelling
– Board interior
– Frame door and clad

Each pass of the cladding started on the right hand side, we haven’t focused on getting the same tone of cladding as it wood look odd. Because the frame is slightly moving we over cut the lengths around the door and trimmed off with a router with a guide, this as you can see has given a lovely sharp edge.

The door has also been started, we’d have like to have gone old school with morticed joints but for ease gone for biscuit joints and glue. This will be a heavy door when finished but it will be hung with ‘Parliament’ hinges to bring it away from the front surface and a nice chub lock for security and also to continue the minimalist lines. The clading is being cut in the image below but not fixed as we want to make sure we don’t end up with small pieces of cladding at either end.

Whats happening next week?
Finish the door, first coat of oil on the door and front surface, insulant door and add inside surface, buy exterior paint and finish edging

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