Project Maud – Week 9

Mauds new door

We are winning! Following last weeks post we’ve been able to get the door face finished following much deliberation of the design. This lovingly trimmed and with our favourite router, which is not for the faint hearted, it can be an aggressive bastard when it wants too. Once fitted with hinges and a lock we’ll insulate and cover the rear with plywood to match the interior.

Sprint plan:
– Finish the door
– First coat of oil
– Finish edging
– Choose exterior colour

We’ve finished the front side with only a little slice to complete, this has been left until we are fit minded to scribe in. The image above has had the first coat and the gorgeous Cedar is really starting to pop! For the moment the door is sitting in the space waiting for master carpenter Pete to get back from his holidays.

The ends have now been finished with edging and rivets. We had to use new strips on the edges because the width had changed and we need to cover that space. The whole space was spray undercoated and the first top coat was added, this is actually a dark grey. Now the side is painted the galvanised roof can be secured from the wind and rain. We’ve not show it but the rear has also had a coat of paint, we’ll give you a view of this next week.

Whats happening next week?
– Deck planning
– Left side painted
– Fit door, hinges, lock and insulation (Depending on Pete’s return)
– Interior planning

FYI… We might take a week or 2 off.

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