Project Maud – Week 2



It’s been a total surprise but Maud is fighting back; whoever built her did a pretty amazing job. Much of the timber has been attacked by damp and rot issues but what is left has not been easy to remove. Being left on the side of a road with no rain or sun protection hasn’t left much to work with. You can see in the pictures the rain marks from the vents on the side created most of the issues. To be honest we’re not sure why the original owners didn’t send her to landfill sooner!

The construction is fairly simple, softwood framing with a 5mm board interior and the exterior is covered in aluminum. As you can see from the imagery we have removed much of the interior, we plan to make the space more usable as this won’t be leaving the new field she’ll be sitting in. The worst part is the furthest wall which has virtually no frame and now we’ve removed the interior wall the roof has started to sag and the doorway is totally collapsed.

Originally we thought it would be possible to replace any damaged timber and replace the internal walls as we go but the damage is so bad that a better approach is needed. All the windows appear to function but they are single pane glass with aluminium units, when trying to remove the frames all the screws have come off or sheared to the point that they’ll take far too long to remove.

Things we want to change or improve

– We need to consider how we make it taller
– The insulation is only 10mm thick, we need to make it more efficient with 50-70mm boards
– The doorway is too small, needs to be made wider
– The windows need replacing with double glazing
– How do we incorporate a new roof design?
– How will we keep it warm?
– Given the issues around the frame, can we reuse the aluminium?

Whats the approach for next week?
We really have no choice but to remove all the windows, framing, aluminium and take it back to base.

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