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Bringing festive cheer to the world of Food Tube

The Jamie Oliver team have approached Rabbit & Hare to assist in the design and build of a festive calendar for their FoodTube channel to help Christmas go with a bang!. We made an interactive calendar for users and packed it full of great recipes, tips and tricks for every occasion and budget. Plus some tasty meals perfect for speciality diets too. Each door had a crafted quirky animation and behind each door was a video you wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

What happened over 38,000 users interacted with over 65% returning

The idea was to create excitement around christmas, give some creative visual animation, encourage play and keep users coming back. We needed to make sure it worked on multipul devices as it was important to keep users coming back regardless of the time.

The You-Tube tab took the user to an advent calendar with 31 separate numbered ‘doors’ that provide access to a video that which went live on the corresponding day. The video will not be revealed until the door is ‘opened’. The mechanic worked by opening a predetermined YouTube video that was supplied at least 48 hours in advance.

We built it on our CMS which was further proofed for future campaigns i.e summer cocktails or BBQ specials. So the ability to swap in a new campaign idea was paramount to the build

Initially we explored the dynamics of campaign, gathered assets, creative ideas/concept and got approval from the FoodTube in terms of the build approach. Because we need to make the concept fully future proofed we accessed existing technology and took a look at what the possible end solution might look like.

Rabbit & Hare then worked with the FoodTube team to prioritise which elements of the festive calendar needed to be integrated and what functionality needs be implemented, we created a simple functional spec with wire that captured the client and user needs. We automated the videos on each day which allowed the team to stay ahead of each day. The CMS on allowed upload and for the purposes of reusing in the future. Its goes without saying that we adopted all the latest coding standards for this one!

“The service that Rabbit & Hare provided was excellent. They are constantly in touch, advising what would work best for our objectives, taking on our feedback effectively and have worked to build a beautiful product which has been delivered on time and on budget. Would recommend them to anyone, we will be using them again.”

We’ve transformed the Christmas online experience with a beautifully designed responsive calendar. With 38,000 users interacting, viewing great recipes, tips and tricks for every occasion on the FoodTube channel… Merry Christmas one and all!

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