Natwest Working Capital

Helping NatWest explain to customers what is Working Capital

RBS approached Rabbit & Hare to create a short animation for NatWest business customers to improve their understanding of Working Capital. The short animation introduces the concept of Working Capital and how it’s successful management is fundamental to the running of your business, in short it is the amount of money that a business needs to fund it’s day-to-day operations.

The core brand colours and font were used in conjunction with a clean, precise and utilitarian graphical style. This reflected the retail banking style but aimed at the business customer. Our guiding principles for the overall visual feel came from a selection word meanings: Professional, Corporate, Commercial, Quality, Business, Expert, Leader.

The animation style allows focus to be placed on where and how the (in this case) NatWest can help you. The video was an engaging and stimulating approach for the business minded viewer.


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