There’s a Beer For That partners with Jamie Oliver’s Food.

Brief Overview
Britain’s Beer Alliance is a cross-industry group of brewers, pub companies and beer organisations working together for the good of beer in Britain. #BeerMatch is a unique Twitter service developed to give users instant beer recommendations from Britain’s best beer experts, for hundreds of the nation’s favourite foods. They’ve worked with the top beer sommeliers, writers and industry experts to present the recommendations that power #BeerMatch. The brief was simple, connect with a wider group of food lovies!

The Challenge
To encourage users tweet the name of the food to @beerforthat with the hashtag #BeerMatch for an instant reply. Jamie Oliver has partnered with BBA to highlight #beermatch to a wider audience of foodies through an event, editorial and advertising. Drive the association between beer and food, especially in non traditional areas

Our Approach
3 videos were shot that matched Prawns, Steak and Macaroni Cheese with 3 fantastic beers, these were first placed on youtube. We then needed to create a page to house the competition, this was prototyped as a wireframe to detail all the copy, content and videos along with all the interactions and functionality, we also detailed the entry light-box and kept everything simple and short. The page had to be ‘Age gated’ so a simple calendar drop down was used. Design was beautifully crafted to present the recipe and a carousel was used to show the possible beer options with the tasting notes. We also used Facebook and twitter platforms to push the competition. We managed every moment of the campaign keep and eye of the red route to carry out optimisation if needed, when each feature went live over the campaign lifetime.

Page views over 11,000K
Nearly 4,500K entires


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